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The 2019 Awards will be held on November 1st

April – May Sponsorship Campaign

17 June – Nominations Open

16 August – Nominations Close

September – Judging Process

Check out the winners of the 2018 Green Triangle Timber Industry Awards

Last year went down in history as it marked the introduction of the inaugural Green Triangle Timber Industry Awards across Victoria & South Australia. The committee would like to express its thanks to sponsors, the industry and to nominees and so successful was 2018, we are pleased to announce the new dates for the next campaign.

The Awards are all about celebrating and rewarding individuals and companies involved in the timber industry for the dedication, hard work and best practises in their various roles and businesses. The event encompasses all sectors of the industry from nursery to silviculture, harvesting, haulage, logistics and processing and everything in between as it is important that we recognise everyone that contributes to the industry success.

The Green Triangle is home to Australia’s largest collective plantation and timber processing industry, contributing significantly to the Victoria & South Australia, generating more than $778 million Gross Regional Product annually. In excess of 355,000 hectares of softwood and hardwood plantations produce timber for local manufacturing, national and export markets. The industry underpins some 8,500 regional jobs and provides a valuable tool for businesses and investors.

What is exciting is that there are many opportunities for further investment, greater production and diversification and further value adding to existing forest processing activities, with ready access to a strong and dynamic Australian market within a stable business environment. We look forward to having you involved with this event again.

Adrian Flowers, Chair

Meet the People

A group of industry and regional representatives have come together to work in collaboration governing the creation of this event. Members include:


Benefits of the Awards

These awards are set to benefit the regions timber industry in several exciting ways:

  • To attract skilled employees to the region as valued timber industry players
  • To up skill and lift the standard of the skill base of the timber workforce and recognise and celebrate outstanding individuals within our Green Triangle workforce
  • To unite industry players
  • Promote the image of timber in the region
  • Support its value to the region and the value to all those that are within its workforce and supporters
  • It will get local & national media coverage and promotion of our workers and industry
  • And finally, it will provide the Green Triangle industry an occasion to celebrate together

Category Award Criteria

An opportunity exists for businesses and organisations involved in the timber industry to partner with the Green Triangle Timber Industry Awards Committee in this campaign. We are seeking the support of the entire region with this inaugural event to make it the success it should be and to provide the chance to celebrate the high achievers and players that hold credible status within the industry.

It is important to get involved this year as looking ahead, the opportunity to take up a position on the sponsors table will be difficult. The value proposition for sponsorship will ensure your business or organisation reaches the industry target market, will generate networks and will grow the profile of the region to benefit your business or organisation.

Get involved, call today and engage.

SPONSORSHIP Opportunities

We see sponsors as an integral part of this growth opportunity, to lift the profile of the industry, to be inclusive in taking the industry forward and to be the catalyst of the development and management of the Green Triangle Timber Industry Awards. It is important to us that the forestry and service industries get behind this programme to enhance and promote the event. We will ensure that supporting sponsors will receive naming rights to each category and will be well recognised throughout the publicity and promotion all the way. More than anything, we need to ensure that we are all working towards growth and sustainability for our industry.

As a sponsor of the Green Triangle Timber Industry Awards, your company will be associated with the event and the selected category by way of the following media and promotional material.

2018 Sponsors

2019 Key Dates


April – May Sponsorship Campaign

17 June – Nominations Open

16 August – Nominations Close

September – Judging Process